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KISS Professional Solutions acquired Shepparton-based technology specialists NEXT Tech Group in March 2022. The expansion strengthens KISS’ scope of offerings and broadens its geographic reach. With NEXT at the vanguard of business and health technology, the acquisition enriches KISS’ standing as a market leader across Victoria. Adapting to the movements of the ever-evolving technology industry, KISS customers will enjoy ground-breaking tech solutions, unmatched expertise and ever-trusted support.

Kiss Printing Services 35 years of experience

Directors Adrian Stokes and John McEncroe have a combined industry experience totalling more than 35 years, and deeply understand the Australian printing and photocopying industry.

Large multinational companies in the industry focus solely on the ‘bottom line,’ and this often comes at the expense of honest recommendations, attentive account management and localised support.

KISS was formed in reaction to this trend, to demystify the often over-complicated (and costly) world of photocopiers.

Our straightforward business model not only ensures competitive pricing, but means that you will always be speaking to the right person, with our down to earth advice helping you to cut through the jargon.

We believe that the customer with ONE machine deserves the same attention as the customer with ONE HUNDRED

Community Engagement

At its core, KISS is a people-focused organisation. We believe passionately in the importance of community and invest meaningfully in our partnerships. From school events to sporting clubs, fundraisers to conferences, KISS has long sponsored cultural growth and enjoys strong ties across Victoria.


In an industry with an opportunity to make a difference, we are always looking for ways to lighten our environmental footprint.

– End of life machines are re-purposed or recycled by ‘Close The Loop’

– Our recommended machines have Energy Star certification

– Cardboard and polystyrene packaging is recycled 

– We optimise print settings to minimise paper wastage


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