Managed Information Technology

Managing your businesses’ Information Technology (IT) has become a greater need as business landscapes have changed and our working environments have become increasingly digitised.

Proactive maintenance and support to your system

We provide managed information technology services to your business which includes customer support, workstation and server management, site and infrastructure management. Our customer support gives you access to a network of accredited IT engineers attending either on-site, by telephone or accessing your network remotely. We can proactively maintain and support your system and offer strategic IT planning to ensure your business is not subject to sudden issues that result in hours of rectification.

Learn more about our Infrastructure Management Solutions.

For newly established businesses and existing businesses who are experiencing growth and expansion, we can support you in workstation and server management and site and infrastructure management.

Our WorkStation and Server Management

  • Security auditing and user training
  • Backup and disaster recovery support
  • Proactive maintenance, troubleshooting support and systems monitoring
  • Workstation user account maintenance, including additions, deletions and changes
  • Server user account maintenance, file system and permissions management
  • Warranty management
  • Microsoft application and operating system patches
  • Anti-virus software
  • Server infrastructure and business critical services
  • Critical incident support and recovery services

Our Development Team

  • Website design, hosting and maintenance
  • e-Commerce design and implementation
  • Mobile applications
  • SharePoint design, implementation and maintenance

Our Site and Infrastructure Management

  • Providing support for network, switches, routers, wireless systems, internet connections, printers, personal digital assistant (PDA) and smart phones
  • Developing and maintaining client sites policies

A complimentary assessment and advice

To best assess your businesses’ Information Technology position and make accurate recommendations about offloading, we will attend the site and offer a complimentary assessment and provide advice on what support your business might require.


Since KISS’ inception we have looked after the printing needs of customers across a broad range of industries, each with unique requests and requirements. Office layouts vary, volume requirements differ and installation processes are tailored… but what remains unchanged is our commitment to the customer.

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Having spent considerable time in the industry, selling and servicing devices from a range of manufacturers, we have carefully partnered with Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Brother – the premier photocopier and printer suppliers in the industry.