Thermal Detection

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If you would like to trial one of these products, we will have one of our account managers deliver and install in your premises, allowing you a few days to test it out with your employees and customers before deciding whether to invest.

Infrared Thermometer​

  • Infrared Thermometer is included on Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class IIA Medical Device
  • 100% Touchless
  • Can be mounted on a wall or placed on desk using a tripod
  • Readings take less than a second

We are committed to providing technology and solutions that protect and enhance care for patients through excellence in leadership, practice, innovation and education.

Our AI powered thermal technology and contact tracing software is suitable for all businesses. This technology kept businesses operating during the 2020 pandemic. Handheld temperature guns are suitable for small businesses wanting to take a proactive approach in ensuring health and wellbeing in the workplace. For example, childcare and restaurants. A live fever screening thermal solution that has facial analysis and body temperature detection is suitable for larger enterprises. The technology reads for a potential fever and provides the results within seconds of the person screening. Customers who have seen particular success with this technology are food processing factories, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Integration Features With Software​

Temperature logs

Software matches temperatures to individual identities and logs this information in the Nirovision web and phone app.

Elevated temperature alerts

Email and push notifications can be triggered when a temperature is recorded above a nominated threshold.

Baseline temperature

Software can average out recorded temperatures to establish a baseline for each person and alert for any anomalies.


Since KISS’ inception we have looked after the printing needs of customers across a broad range of industries, each with unique requests and requirements. Office layouts vary, volume requirements differ and installation processes are tailored… but what remains unchanged is our commitment to the customer.

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Through emails, phone calls and a site visit, our experienced team will examine the print environment of your business. We will develop a genuine understanding of your needs and goals, while keeping an eye out for excessive costs you might be paying currently.


Based on our thorough review of your printing situation, we will recommend a tailored solution aimed at saving you between 20% and 50% on existing costs.


With our expert technicians overseeing the installation process on site, business will experience a quick transition without interruption to your day-to-day.


Once your KISS Print environment is set up, our Melbourne-based support team will ensure your operation runs without a hitch. From pre-emptive toner deliveries to same-day technical support, you will be guaranteed the best support in the industry.


We offer industry leading products, matched by complete, fast and simple service. From the Melbourne home office to the multi national corporation, KISS has the solution to fit YOUR business.

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Having spent considerable time in the industry, selling and servicing devices from a range of manufacturers, we have carefully partnered with Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Brother – the premier photocopier and printer suppliers in the industry.