KISS Professional Solutions trained and licensed technicians will attend your premises for an obligation-free assessment to provide advice on a catered security solution that best suits your business. Our technicians are licensed security equipment installers and advisors in New South Wales and Victoria.

Upon assessment, we will determine how many cameras are required, what style of camera will be most suitable and in what locations they will be installed to provide optimal vision. We offer a range of different camera options including dome, bullet, pan tilt zoom and fish-eye style.

NX Witness

NX Witness is a video management system designed to find, view, record and manage internet protocol (IP) video cameras as well as integrate quickly with third party systems and devices. Standard security features will include motion detection, continual recording, people counting and mobile applications that allow remote viewing at any time. NX Witness will allow unlimited users and recording, cloud enabled, two-way audio, multi-camera viewing, live stream, play offline media, video analytics, smart video search, and automatic failover

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Nirovision is an Australian owned and developed visitor management solution that uses facial recognition to provide touch-less check-ins, temperature analytics and visual contact tracing, along with a host of smart integrations.

Built for industrial businesses, Nirovision is able to identify individuals and their attributes such as body temperature in real-time, avoiding disruptions. Their software can be set up on an iPad at an entrance for a simpler and more secure check in process and/or integrated with strategically placed cameras around the workplace to provide visual contact tracing and other activity insights. Combined with access control solutions, facial recognition provides a proof-positive layer of security.
Alarms can be configured using their award-winning desktop and mobile applications. Know immediately if someone has entered a restricted area, has an elevated temperature, ignored a sign in survey, belongs to a watch list, or any other information you deem essential to the safe and secure running of your workplace.

Nirovision enables your workplace to remain open with confidence, whilst maximising the health, well-being, safety and productivity of workforces


Since KISS’ inception we have looked after the printing needs of customers across a broad range of industries, each with unique requests and requirements. Office layouts vary, volume requirements differ and installation processes are tailored… but what remains unchanged is our commitment to the customer.

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Through emails, phone calls and a site visit, our experienced team will examine the print environment of your business. We will develop a genuine understanding of your needs and goals, while keeping an eye out for excessive costs you might be paying currently.


Based on our thorough review of your printing situation, we will recommend a tailored solution aimed at saving you between 20% and 50% on existing costs.


With our expert technicians overseeing the installation process on site, business will experience a quick transition without interruption to your day-to-day.


Once your KISS Print environment is set up, our Melbourne-based support team will ensure your operation runs without a hitch. From pre-emptive toner deliveries to same-day technical support, you will be guaranteed the best support in the industry.


We offer industry leading products, matched by complete, fast and simple service. From the Melbourne home office to the multi national corporation, KISS has the solution to fit YOUR business.

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Having spent considerable time in the industry, selling and servicing devices from a range of manufacturers, we have carefully partnered with Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Brother – the premier photocopier and printer suppliers in the industry.

Security Licenses: VIC Lic. Z09-299-60S Reg. Z09-299-81S NSW M/L 000107106