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Over the years, we’ve extensively researched, trialed and supported many different print management softwares. We are proud to recommend both PaperCut and Ysoft to ensure that our customers are only working with solutions that are technologically sophisticated, reliable and efficient.

Responsible printing with PaperCut.

PaperCut is an Australian company, born from an overflowing high school paper waste bin. Papercut began writing a software package with a goal to help monitor printing and reduce waste and since then, have developed a successful enterprise. PaperCut works in cohesion with your printing environment. This means, regardless of your device, we can make improvements with the software alone. The software is designed to print from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, IOS and Windows devices. Some of the software features include automated print queues and follow me print. With secure printing, you can protect data before, during and after printing it. This is essential for any business handling personal information. Most importantly, PaperCut is focused on responsible printing, shrinking your footprint and your bills.

Ysoft SafeQ Print Management.

Ysoft is a multinational software company that delivers software solutions to businesses globally. Ysoft SafeQ Print Management uses sophisticated technology to capture, process and protect digital content. It reduces any risk or exposure to breaches in security and protects data. All printing, copying and scanning can be tracked through this software and user access to output devices centrally controlled and restricted. Some of the key software features includes varying degrees of secure print to suit your business including ID cards or allocated pin numbers.

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Since KISS’ inception we have looked after the printing needs of customers across a broad range of industries, each with unique requests and requirements. Office layouts vary, volume requirements differ and installation processes are tailored… but what remains unchanged is our commitment to the customer.

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Through emails, phone calls and a site visit, our experienced team will examine the print environment of your business. We will develop a genuine understanding of your needs and goals, while keeping an eye out for excessive costs you might be paying currently.


Based on our thorough review of your printing situation, we will recommend a tailored solution aimed at saving you between 20% and 50% on existing costs.


With our expert technicians overseeing the installation process on site, business will experience a quick transition without interruption to your day-to-day.


Once your KISS Print environment is set up, our Melbourne-based support team will ensure your operation runs without a hitch. From pre-emptive toner deliveries to same-day technical support, you will be guaranteed the best support in the industry.


We offer industry leading products, matched by complete, fast and simple service. From the Melbourne home office to the multi national corporation, KISS has the solution to fit YOUR business.

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