Production Printing

Industry leading technology to optimise your office workflow

Award-winning multifunction printers to help your people work faster, more efficiently, and to produce superior quality material – every time. Konica Minolta’s industry leading digital production print systems feature advanced colour image quality, high-speed black and white output, inline finishing options to meet any print requirement and purpose-built reliability to stay competitive and keep pace with print workloads. And with a superior product behind us, KISS has grown to become the largest production machine dealer every area we serve.

KISS Professional Solutions has firmly established itself as a go-to supplier of Production Print devices for the professional printing industry. With a track record of excellence and a deep understanding of the unique needs of professional printers, KISS Professional Solutions stands out as a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-performance printing solutions.

KISS Professional Solutions is proud to partner with Konica Minolta, selling and supporting their entire Production Print range, which cater to the diverse needs of professional printers. From high-speed digital presses to Canon’s large-format printers, KISS Professional Solutions have developed a product line-up that encompasses cutting-edge technology designed to deliver exceptional print quality, speed, and versatility.

The production print devices offered by KISS Professional Solutions are sourced from leading manufacturers (Konica Minolta and Canon) known for their innovation and reliability. These devices incorporate advanced features such as variable data printing, color management tools, and automated finishing options to enhance efficiency and productivity. By partnering with these reputable brands, KISS Professional Solutions ensures that their production print devices meet the rigorous demands of professional printing environments.

In addition to offering top-of-the-line hardware, KISS Professional Solutions provides comprehensive support services to ensure customer satisfaction. Their team of skilled technicians offers expert installation, training, and ongoing support, helping professional printers maximize the performance and capabilities of their production print devices. Whether it’s optimizing print settings, troubleshooting technical issues, or providing maintenance assistance, KISS Professional Solutions is committed to delivering prompt and reliable support to their clientele.

Additionally, KISS Professional Solutions offers tailored solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of professional printers. Whether it’s integrating production print devices with existing workflows, implementing color management solutions, or providing workflow automation tools, KISS Professional Solutions works closely with clients to develop solutions that address their unique requirements and challenges.

AccurioPress 4070
  • 71 ppm
  • Colour
  • A3 & A4
  • Duty cycle: 758,000
AccurioPress C4080
  • 81 ppm
  • Colour
  • A3 & A4
  • Duty cycle: 864,000


Outstanding Productivity

The AccurioPress C3080 series high level in any print environment. Long life parts and consumables deliver an increase in overall performance. Superior media flexibility allows for long sheet printing up to 1300mm banner. Simplex and duplex printing on media weights from 62 to 350gsm, enables the full range of professional print opportunities.

Colour and Accuracy

Real-time colour correction controls the image stability during continuous printing by laying colour density patches that are read via density sensors to supply full control of the density of colours being laid and corrected as required to reduce any image changes on the printed output. Accuracy is everything, and the new media registration unit provides pinpoint lead edge registration and centring position for all media weights and types of perfection.

Enhanced Efficiency

Long sheet printing is now enhanced to enable 1300mm long simplex and an amazing 762 long sheet auto duplex, all of which will deliver greater print offering to clients. Professional envelope printing has been redefined to a high speed, high quality inline system that provides another revenue stream for a print business. Full coverage envelopes can act as a mini billboard to promote a multitude of activities or even to entice clients to open the envelope.

Print Agility

Great agility is realised with the Accurio systems with a greater range of media weights and types than previous systems, additionally the sheet size has now been increased to promote a higher level of capabilities on a digital print system. Long sheet printing of up to 1300mm simplex and a duplex up to 762mm opens a new range of printing options.


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