Interactive Touch Screens

Industry leading technology to optimise your office workflow

Are you looking for a comprehensive audio and visual solution for your office, boardroom, or classroom? Whether it’s for daily meetings or special presentations, the interactive touch screens from KISS are perfect for your needs.

KISS Professional Solutions partners with small businesses, large corporations, and the education, design and real estate sectors to provide tailored solutions that suit their needs. Our team also works with a wide range of other clients, so contact us today to discuss our range of interactive touch screens. Australian made and owned, you can’t go wrong with the touchscreens in our range.

IQTouch HA1100 PRO
  • High-End Conference Interactive Display
  • Advanced touch technology empowers the screen instant response and high precision, revitalizing more vivid and natural writing as pen-on-paper experience.
  • 4K UHD Vision | Optical Bonding
  • Anti Blue Light for Eye Protection
  • 48MP | Voice Tracking | Auto-Framing
  • 13MP | Auto focus
  • 8 Arrays Microphone | 2.1 Stereo sound
  • 20W(Speaker)*2 + 15W(Subwoofer)*1
  • AG + AF glass Always a clear screen
IQTouch TE1100
  • 4K UHD Display
  • Zero+ Bonding
  • 4K Camera
  • 8 Mic Arrays
  • USB-C with 15W Power
  • Windows Ink Compatible
  • BYOM
  • Android 11.0 | Windows 10
IQTouch TB1100 Pro
  • Android 11.0 OS
  • 4K AI Camera
  • High-speed Network
  • 4K BYOD & BYOM
  • Multitasking
  • Full Function USB-C
  • HDMI OUT for Extended Screen
  • Zero + Bonding

Explore Our Online Range of Interactive Touch Screens

You will always get the interactive touch screens that suit your needs when you partner with KISS Professional Solutions. We offer the IQTouch HA1100 Pro, IQTouch TE1100, and IQTouch TB1100 Pro. Starting with the HA1100 Pro, each of these screens offers you a seamless and engaging experience. The TE1100 and TB1100 Pro offer increasingly impressive features that are perfect for the most advanced users.

To discuss supply, installation, training and support services for interactive touch screens, contact KISS Professional Solutions online or call us today.

The Place to Buy Interactive Touch Screens in Melbourne & Beyond

When you partner with KISS Professional Solutions, you get more than just cutting-edge interactive touch screens. Our interactive touch screens all come with free onsite demonstrations, installation services, staff training, and ongoing technical support.

As well as this, we are proud to provide specially designed mobile trolleys that make moving your screen safe and easy. Whether you’re moving from office to office, classroom to classroom, or in between meeting rooms, our mobility solutions are perfect for the job.

You can lease or buy interactive touch screens with fixed height trolleys, electric height adjustable trolleys, and tilt trolleys, which can transform your display into a collaborative touchscreen work table that your team can gather around.


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