5 Considerations When Choosing a New Photocopier Supplier:

Posted on June 19, 2020 | By User

With so many different options in today’s printing and photocopying market, choosing the right supplier can often be a tedious and overwhelming task.

Here is a list of some crucial things to look for and enquire about when assessing your options:

  • Specific expertise: Suppliers now offer a wide range of products from 3D printers to large format and production machines. It is important that your supplier has expertise in the machine type that YOU are interested in, and is capable of looking after them.
  • Location of supplier and their capacity to service your machine/s: With many suppliers now operating nation-wide, head-offices are often interstate, and customers can have difficulty getting an efficient level of service. It is important to be aware of your supplier’s location and their response time in addressing your service calls (it should at the least be same-day service!)
  • Track record: In an industry built solely upon customer service, references of the supplier’s past and existing customers should form a crucial part of your decision making. As well as testimonials, you should consider how the supplier dealt with issues and problems specific to your situation. For example, as a school, you might enquire about how a supplier ensures accountable printing for staff and students.

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